what's wine without a story?

Our story begins with a glass of wine.....

Casa Carlo story

From a young age, Francesco Conigliaro was influenced by homemade wine produced by both his Grandfather’s in their countries of Sicily. He has always dreamt of following in their footsteps and continuing the family tradition, but wanted to have a unique quality to his personal brand. Wine is in his blood and a deeply rooted passion of his. Today, he has come to establish Casa Carlo – named after his father, a wine infused with different cultures blended into one identity.

Each bottle of Casa Carlo is engraved with culture and tradition. It is based on a rich foundation of family values and great moments, without compromising on quality and taste to ensure that every sip is turned into a celebration of life, health, and loved ones.

Made using premium sourced grapes, Casa Carlo is a high quality wine with American roots yet deeply influenced by Italian winemaking tradition. Our methods  center around a hands-on process with little to no use of mechanical equipment,  minimal intervention, and low sulfur.  And just as we Italians move into a new culture, adapt, and evolve into a new identity without ever losing our core characteristics and beliefs, at the heart of Casa Carlo is a wealth of tradition that brings people together in joy as they toast to each other and to the occasion.

Features of Our Wine

words from our winemaker

Wine is art made with what nature gives us. It gives you a connection to the land. The winemaker's duty is to guide the grape with his own style and methods into becoming a full expression of itself. This liquid that started off as a seed now becomes a substance with a full personality from the way it smells, the notes you taste and the color it gleams. Every sip you take helps enhance life's joys. It makes food taste better, art look more appealing and connect people on a different level. This is why I am passionate about wine.

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